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The world of legal services is changing. You’ve always relied on word of mouth and reputation – but today that reputation lives online; and so do your customers. Just as importantly, people buy legal services in a crisis – whether criminal, family or commercial, most people don’t have their lawyer on tap. So if you’re not marketing broad and loud online, you’ll be missing many of those first-click opportunities. We’re here to help you succeed in this digital world.

Digital Strategy

Your digital profile includes reputation management, reviews, increasing awareness and footprint, search optimisation and building trust and recognition with strong digital content. We have the insight and experience to help with all of these, for a rounded approach to marketing yet with a resolute focus on your bottom line.

Content Marketing

Every business should maintain a consistent and informative drumbeat of insight to customers old and new. Nowhere is that more important than in law – because the currency of legal services is trust. We’ll help you build your reputation with client-facing advice that is welcomed today, and welcomed even more when your customers are in need.

Search Optimisation

What would you do if you were looking for your specialty? Try searching for ‘Divorce lawyer’. Or ‘Criminal law solicitor in Northampton’. If you’re not on the first page, you’re missing out on business – probably more than 90% of it. We’ll help you succeed in Search without breaking the bank.

Web & App Development

Digital is revolutionising the law. The latest AI systems are already assessing legal documents in seconds instead of weeks. The roadmap is clear: profitable law firms will use technology to solve menial tasks, leaving professsionals free to perform higher-value work. You don’t need to be a Magic Circle firm to benefit, either: our bespoke apps, in-house systems and web services will help every law firm do more with less, engage friction-free with clients, keep better records and uncover new efficiencies. Let us help you thrive in a digital future.

Our Work in the Law Sector

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