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Digital now touches every part of a business. Digitisation is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’; it’s how every industrial venture will stay efficient and competitive. We bring laser-focused digital insight to your operations, to cut costs (efficiency) and deliver sales (growth). We’re a small, smart business offering consultancy-grade advice and execution. So if you want Big-Four digital strategies without the price tag, LTF is your trusted partner.

Digital Strategy

We’ll help you put digital to work across your business. That means the websites and marketing activities which bring new customers through the door; and the automations and digital services which drive cost and effort out of your operations so that your people can concentrate on high-value work, great customer service and building a more profitable future.

Content Marketing

Every business should maintain a consistent and informative drumbeat of insight to its customers. And that means more than an occasional list of special offers! In today’s complex world, customers prize knowledge and service. From LinkedIn to newsletters, we’ll help you engage with your customers, build your brand and sell more effectively, with content they appreciate and value.

Search Optimisation

Everyone knows that “search matters”. It’s the best way to get free (non-advertising) visitors to your website. The problem is, the rules of great search optimisation change all the time. It’s our job to monitor these trends and offer the concrete advice that will keep your business front of mind.

Web & App Development

We’ve built apps to direct work on the factory floor. And we’ve built customer service modules to help clients self-serve (also putting new data sources at the heart of the business!). Instead of expensive, big-bang transformations, we’ve got the skills to apply tech to your day-to-day needs, solving problems and uncovering new efficiencies and value, wherever they are in your operations.

Our Work in the Industrial Sector

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