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How we built an authentic campaign to help TriForce Tokens raise over $700,000 from global investors in a crowded crypto market

Our Customer’s Story

TriForce Tokens is a UK-based blockchain venture, focused on the gaming community. The company’s vision is to become the most universally acceptable gaming currency on multiple gaming platforms. This will unlock player-to-player trading, creating a new gaming experience for players and new revenue models for developers.

The TriForce proposition also includes anti-piracy technologies and a unique honorary system that rewards collaborative game play. The business has been incubated at Coventry University and is backed by Coventry Enterprises Ltd. and the Innovate UK Technology Strategy Board.

The Driver for Change

We did our due diligence, and TriForce Tokens is a company we are proud to work with – but that’s often not the case in the crypto and blockchain markets. Particularly in the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) process of raising development funds, it’s an unregulated Wild West which has attracted fraudsters – and that affects ethical businesses, too.

Equally, in this exploding marketplace, over 2000 ICOs are predicted to be clamouring for crypto investors’ funds in 2018. TriForce Tokens had to shout above increasing noise to attract investment.

TriForce Tokens came to Look Touch Feel to:

– Promote an ICO leading on the company’s ethical and genuine credentials
– Reach institutional and individual investors with a credible offering
– All under the pressure of the fact that an ICO is a one-off and non-repeatable event: it’s win all or win nothing.

LTF’s Solutions Delivered

We created a complete promotional, marketing and engagement campaign for Triforce Tokens. We created the company’s website and brand, and published its white paper.

We produced an effective cross-channel pay-per-click marketing campaign including elegant animated ad creatives (to appeal to a media-rich gaming audience) backed up by organic social content on multiple platforms. In the mix, we created insightful thought leadership to focus on key drivers: authenticity and credibility from a sound partner base, a commitment to the gaming community (players and developers), and the ability to engender change in the industry for good.

We identified influencers, bloggers and vloggers, and worked in concert with TriForce’s PR agency in a comprehensive outreach programme. We also helped run TriForce’s Telegram group, the platform which has become the default for crypto engagement.

Results Achieved

The TriForce Tokens ICO was an unqualified success, attracting $700,000 (700 ETH) and exceeding its pre-sale targets within a few hours. The sale also attracted heavyweight investors who contributed around 50% of the overall funds – a vote of confidence in the TriForce model.

We are delighted to have contributed to a successful fundraiser, but most importantly, we contributed strategic advice and agility during an unmovable timeline. During the raise, key social media outlets changed their ICO promotion policies – we reacted in realtime to change the spend and delivery mix. Similarly, new global partners came on board: we were on hand to promote them effectively.

Today, TriForce Tokens is funded well beyond its soft-cap targets, giving the business the funds to build out its product and create change in the $116-billion-dollar gaming industry.

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